Jjiljilbang-Adventures of an Exchange Student

Welcome to my blog. Here you will be able to follow my study abroad experiences in South Korea. I will be studying abroad in Seoul at Korea University.

Here you will be able to find weekly videos documenting activities I do from Sauna adventures to going to Korean High School graduations.
"Day in the Life" daily text posts.
Street Photography of Seoul (nikon d5100)
and much, much, more.

I will be staying for a year so I plan to learn a whole lot during my stay.

If you have any questions, feel free to ask me on here.

I will be studying abroad through SUNY Buffalo with the help of funds provided by the Gilman Scholarship.

About The Name:
A jjimjilbang is a Korean gender-segregated public bathhouse. My name is Jillian (often going by the nickname of JIll) and thanks to donquixie, I now have a supper punny user name.

Please sit and stay a while. ^.^
Recent Tweets @jnadiak

So I am in my dorm now. I got here yesterday as you all know and I am almost completely settled in. My other two room mates aren’t here yet but the names on the door show that the one is from Japan and the other is from China.

I’m kind of aggravated.  I got here first and I can’t pick what bed I want. I was assigned top bunk. I really wanted to get the single bed but it’s whatever I guess. Not being able to chose what bed you have isn’t too bad considering this means I am safe from having to pay for what my room mates may or may not do to their own beds. Plus I was assigned the desk closest to the window which I like. It’s also right under the air conditioner/heater. So that’s nice.

Here are some pictures of what a triple room in Anam Global House looks like before three people move in.

(PS. The building is brand new. It even smells like freshly built building lol. The elevators aren’t finished yet either. The elevator stopped moving last night and I got trapped in there with a cute boy for two minutes. Who said Korea isn’t one gigantic Kdrama? JUST KIDDING!…well…about the kdrama at least. I was trapped in an elevator with a cute boy though…)

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