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Welcome to my blog. Here you will be able to follow my study abroad experiences in South Korea. I will be studying abroad in Seoul at Korea University.

Here you will be able to find weekly videos documenting activities I do from Sauna adventures to going to Korean High School graduations.
"Day in the Life" daily text posts.
Street Photography of Seoul (nikon d5100)
and much, much, more.

I will be staying for a year so I plan to learn a whole lot during my stay.

If you have any questions, feel free to ask me on here.

I will be studying abroad through SUNY Buffalo with the help of funds provided by the Gilman Scholarship.

About The Name:
A jjimjilbang is a Korean gender-segregated public bathhouse. My name is Jillian (often going by the nickname of JIll) and thanks to donquixie, I now have a supper punny user name.

Please sit and stay a while. ^.^
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Asker soonjakitty Asks:
Hi! I saw that you studied abroad for one year at KU :) I was just wondering which semester seemed the most interesting to be in. Cause I heard in the fall there's the KU vs Yonsei Games but I don't know if it's really worth going in my final semester to see that T_T Thanks!
jjiljilbang jjiljilbang Said:

The fall semester was definitely more exciting. I cant tell if it was because it was all new and fresh or because the events were really just that incredible but YESS GOYUNJUN WAS AMAZING! THIS YEAR KOREA U WON 5:0 APPARENTLY AND IM SO SAD THAT I MISSED IT. We tied last year.

I feel like more was happening the first semester but I did branch out on my own on the second so…it’s hard to say. But if I had to choose I guess I would say that the Fall semester was awesome. :)

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Asker tuxeedomask Asks:
hihi! forgive me if I ask a question you already answered, but how much korean did you know before coming in to the university? you mentioned in one of your posts that a class was entirely in korean, and i'm worried that i won't know enough to succeed in a class like that. also, what is the language placement test like? what would you do if you knew 0 of the language, would you still get placed? (i'm studying on my own but i'm just paranoid hahaha). thank you :))))
jjiljilbang jjiljilbang Said:

It’s okay :) No problem at all.
I only knew how to read and write but I didn’t actually know what I was saying. You don’t really need to know all that much but I highly suggest learning the alphabet beforehand if you want to take Korean courses. They have courses that will teach you the alphabet but it’s a waste of time when theres a comic online that can teach it to you in less than 15 minutes. (Learn Here. It’s the best decision you will ever make.)

I had bad luck my first semester. I retook the same class with a different professor the second semester and I could tell I would have been fine if I just had here to begin with.) I think you will be fine. Don’t let it work you up too much.

The language placement test is simple and spoken. You sit in front of a person who will ask you a bunch of questions in Korean and you simply answer her in Korean. if you cant answer them then you will be placed as a beginner. They dont expect you to be fluent (or even know anything for that matter). Answer honestly, and you will be placed in a course thats right for you. They have ABSOLUTE BEGINNERS courses so you will get in. Don’t worry about that. When you apply for courses online just apply for the beginners 1 course and you will be placed into the right course from there on. I believe all levels are held at the same time so it wont mess up your schedule.

Hope I helped! :) Feel free to ask me anything else if you need help or just plain have anything you want to know about KU or Korea in general.

Asker Anonymous Asks:
Hello! I have read a few blogs and majority stated that the registration of courses for foreign students were so intense and many were frustrated. Does this applies to you? Do you know what are the popular courses that are often full as I am interested to go for an exchange to KU and I wanted to take Marketing courses under Business. Did you join the buddy program offered by KU? Sorry for asking so many questions. Thank you!
jjiljilbang jjiljilbang Said:

Business and marketing unfortunately are the EXTREMELY popular courses. Be ready and waiting when it comes time to sign up or have back up courses at your disposal. It’s like the hunger games when they open up for registering. I was so frustrated but eventually I said “Eh, whatever. I’m in Korea. Whatever happens, happens” but some people cant be that relaxed (be being one of them but I just had to have that attitude otherwise I was going to lose it).

And yes! You are automatically enrolled into the buddy program and its great. I made so many great friends. Just be proactive in group activities and you will become really popular. I didn’t go to many events because I was too busy doing my own things but I still found my niche.

never be sorry for asking questions. Thats why I’m here ^.^ Sorry I tok so long to respond. I’m home now and have limited access to internet. (Culture Shock…in my home country) hhaha.

how do they enforce the rule that you can't eat in your room? O_O coz isn't the kitchen like right next to your room lol you can easily sneak into it? also, does this mean you can't order delivery anymore?
jjiljilbang jjiljilbang Said:

The kitchen is on the first floor. Sometimes the security guard who is there all the time will spot you trying to bring food up by the elevator. People try to sneak it and it works sometimes but I hate feeling like I’m breaking the law so I just eventually settled for eating in the eating room downstairs. You can order delivery but you have to eat it in the kitchen.

Asker Anonymous Asks:
Hello.. What was your GPA when you applied to Korea University. I graduated from university today and want to go to Korea but I'm thinking of doing something crazy: Rather than applying graduate program I may apply to undergraduate program because my GPA is not that great..
jjiljilbang jjiljilbang Said:

Hi! Sorry for taking so long to respond. I’ve been in the process of going home and then slamming myself right into works haha.

Anyways…to get into KU they want a 2.5. My school required I have a 3.0 though. KU wants to go global so it’s not that hard for foreigners to get in. Don’t worry yourself about it too much.

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My last semester in Korea according to Snapchat.

WOW! Happy Birthday to me (it’s actually my birthday). Snoop Dog, PSY, Gdragon and CL.

Guys. I never laughed so hard and the sad thing is is that i think this is like…PSYs way of breaking into America but still keeping true to his home. This whole music video is a Korean inside joke. 

Let me explain some Korean Culture here.

First of all, the song sounds like an American party song. (Shots Shots Shots anybody?) but it’s also showing the drinking culture in Korea in an extremely OVER EXAGGERATED WAY (comedy lol), however-it’s not that far from the truth lol.

Then theres the content of the video.

Starting at 58 seconds we see Snoop D O double G and PSY drinking some sort of alcohol (are those mini soju bottles? wait…I don’t even know) at the local 24 hour GS Mart. Yes, it’s legal to drink in public here. GS Marts are the equivalent to Gas Stations back home minus the gas. They are also eating Ramen, Kimbab 
(rice thats filled with anything from kimchi to meat), and the Korean equivalent to chips  (these stores have little benches by the windows you can sit and eat at).

1:06 they move to a Jjimjilbang (spa) filled with (idk looks like Mountain Dew but let’s call it alcohol? …Unless PSY just drank so much he needs that much of a chaser)
At Jjimjilbangs you can swim naked with a bunch of other people in cold or warm pools filled with different mineral waters that are best for your health needs. That’s where he is.

1:35-Now we are at a Korean Restaurant (where you can also get smashed). It’s here that PSY and SNOOP make eye contact with a couple of ajummas (older Korean women) and this is when the party really gets started. The one in the pink scarf looks like a famous actress but I cant remember what drama I saw her in. 

I suppose the significance of the taxi in the transitional scene here is because the subways only run till midnight or 1am depending on the day and if you are out partying you will never stop at that time so you end up taking a taxi home. In this scene we also see PSY sippin on a big bottle of Dry Finnish (Korean Beer) instead of playing a saxaphone.

2:29 NOW WE ARE IN MY FAVORITE PLACE IN THE WOLRD! A place where most people wont go unless they are drunk (but I will live there sober happily). A NOREBANG! Here you rent a room for about 15 bucks an hour and split that between everyone who comes. (They inevitably always give you free time though). PSY and SNOOP are partying with the ajummas. Then out of no where G-dragon shows up in his Tom Ford suit and hes singing while PSY and SNOOP get their groove on with their ajummas they picked up. He’s really into it like most people are. I assume PSY and SNOOP are so wasted at this point that they invited GD to their part even though they dont even know him. Just some random guy. 

3:30, now they are at the billiards. I dont go but its very popular here. Uh…thats all i know. However at 3:46 PSY is eating a famous Korean style “Chinese Food” called Jjajangmyun. It’s easily delivered anywhere and is super cheap. Black Bean Noodles.

Idk where they are at the 4 minute mark but Andrew Woltman HEY ITS CL! Also, they seem to be having a makoli drink off. Makoli is another type of famous korean alcohol. 

4:12 THEYRE BACK IN A RESTAURANT! They shake their soju and drink up. PSY accidentally throws a bottle opener behind him and starts a massive fight. I dont think these are common but hey…we need a catalyst somewhere in this plot.

4:38 they finish in the morning and we start seeing tons of things unique to Korea. The Jjajangmyun delivery guy holding his box of delivery is on fire for some reason (probably due to PSY and SNOOPS adventures) the fight continues behind them as an ajusshi (old man) stands calmly on the side of the road doing nothing…Car accidents ensure because well, no one obeys the rules of the road here (I dont think this was the point) and the Blue line bus gets in on the chaos, 

And there you have it!

Hangover-PSY and SNOOP.

Last night #happybirthday

Water Closet sounds like so much more fun than #toilet
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#atwosomeplace #leeminho #이민호 # koreancafe #cafe #advertisment #advertising #blueberry #yogurtdrink this is actually not why I bought the drink but I guess it doesn’t hurt.

Festival on #Koreauniversity campus. 3 bucks and oh so good

Beautiful day on #Koreauniversity campus.

Everyone in Korea is dating everyone. 

Most of the exchange students have come to the conclusion that having a boyfriend and or girlfriend is the main goal in life here.

This picture seems to be a very good representation of dating in Korea. lol.