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i still haven’t seen the heirs and yet i reblog this every time i see it.

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Pizza Princess 
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Pizza Princess 

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An absolutely stunning music video by rookie duo Akdong Musician. 
This powerful storyline follows a young boy with an unknown history.

Through his journey we see a lot of examples of the badness in humanity but luckily… we end up seeing that there is some hope.

Not everyone is bad…sometimes we just experience the bad in everyone all at once.

It gets better no matter your situation.

The mystery behind this boys situation is interesting.
I’m assuming he is a love child of a mixed race couple…The father being a wealthy business man. Maybe he didn’t want the child to destroy his public image and sent him away to America where his mother was from (inferred from he native American we see). 

What happened to his mother? that’s up to us.

"The blue ocean the red sun used to wash its face with
I look at its past warmth that has been buried deeply (too late to get it out)
I wish this coldness in the world of adults would subside as well
I wish the frozen love will melt away now”

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racheltseng93 asked: thank you so much for answering my questions! i just found them HAHA. i've decided to take up korea university next year i'm so excited! i booked my flight already! I CAN'T WAIT. T____T cries forever. i really wanna get my hair done there too so i'm growing out my hair hehe. did u like the place u went to? was it expensive? ^^

No problem :) Ah! I am so happy you decided to come here! You’re going to love it I promise you!

My hair was $114. I got a treatment that left my hair so silkily smooth and now it FINALLY flows together.

I have had really fluffy hair that my mom has always said “is beautiful and you are so lucky” but I never understood because I have hated it. It’s nice…but never flows TOGETHER. I was getting ready to chop it off when my friend suggested this treatment.

I absolutely did not want to spend that much money but I was having one of those “Screw it, I hate the world” moments and decided to treat myself.

The treatment took the whole day and had a total of 5 steps lol. It was so relaxing though.

It would have been 90 dollars if I had it done by one of the other hair stylists, but at the place I went too my friend RAVED about the owner. However, the owner chargers an extra 30% if you want it done by her. I was fine with a normal stylist but next thing I knew, the owner was working on me. I think my friend told her to do it. Idk. Since it was just a treatment I think I would have been fine with the average stylist…however, the boss really is incredible. She cares so much about your hair and makes sure you leave happy. If I get it cut before I leave I will def have her do it.

The hair solon is called Chop Hair (yeah…odd name lol) and its in the Kyunkik University area. Wish I could be here when you come, I would bring you along haha. I’ll get directions for you before I leave.

While you are there, you can have unlimited coffee or tea, water, and they gave me waffles. It’s really a great way to spend a day treating yourself.

I highly recommend this place :)

Also, the treatment is supposed to last about two months. Not that long, but honestly-if my hair stays this nice, It’s worth it. This kind of treatment goes for around 200 bucks back in the states.


#gangnam #seoul #강남
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#gangnam #seoul #강남

Oh wow thanks for the water #chophair …nonstop service. Wish I could get my hair done everyday.
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Oh wow thanks for the water #chophair …nonstop service. Wish I could get my hair done everyday.

#omg now they are giving me #waffles  what?!?!?!?! #seoul
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#omg now they are giving me #waffles what?!?!?!?! #seoul

#chophair in #seoul gives you a free drink with a hair treatment. :) feeling pampered baby.
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#chophair in #seoul gives you a free drink with a hair treatment. :) feeling pampered baby.

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So I tried to cover Doom Dada (to anyone who is familiar with it)

So guys. Give me ideas-I need to get out and do more things in Korea. What do YOU want to see?? I will do videos and stuff but I have run out of ideas. So YOU tell me what YOU want to see and I will bring it too you :)

Korea ’ s answer to Hersey ’ s #cookies&cream
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Korea ’ s answer to Hersey ’ s #cookies&cream

God I am loving #korean #spring . #Korea #Koreauniversity #한국 #고려대학교 #예쁘다  #pretty #flower #꽃
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God I am loving #korean #spring . #Korea #Koreauniversity #한국 #고려대학교 #예쁘다 #pretty #flower #꽃